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4 years ago

Mr. Gibbs 2.0 first sail, miserable failure...and regatta recap

sailing   gps   ble   blend-micro   pebble  

Well it's a good thing I wasn't relying upon Mr. Gibbs to navigate the ocean! The system had some issues, to say the least. The bad news is I didn't get to gather any usable data over the weekend, a…

4 years ago

Waterproof enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Zero

raspberry-pi-zero   gps   accelerometer   enclosure   ssd1306  

After much shopping and deliberation on form factor and case, I came to the conclusion that nothing I have is going to work. My criteria are it has to be extremely waterproof, durable, small, readi…

4 years ago

2016 Hardware Updates

raspberry-pi   raspberry-pi-zero   gps   accelerometer   i2c   uart  

Left: 2016 version mockup (so much room for activities!), Right: 2015 version. I finally gathered up some of the more elusive parts, so it's time to start assembling the 2016 version of the Mr. Gibbs…

4 years ago

Mr. Gibbs Bench Demo

gps   raspberry-pi   pebble  

I've had some questions since I put this site/blog up about how much of this project is working vs how much of it is just me "blue skying" ideas for things that I would like it to do. I'm hoping that…

4 years ago

VisualSail - Now Free & Open Source

gps   visualsail   sailing   replay  

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mr. Gibbs isn't my first sailing related pet project. My first was a desktop application which recreated 3d replays of sailboat races based on GPS data. It was ca…