Mr. Gibbs

Thoughts from the back of the boat.

2 years ago

Building a Mast Mount

brookpatten epaper   3dprint   inkbook   fusion360  

Once I had a strategy for the mast display hardware it was time to figure out how I was going to actually secure it on the boat. The mounting position on the boat is pretty unique because of the tape…

2 years ago

"Is that a kindle strapped to your mast?"

brookpatten raspberry-pi-zero   raspberry-pi   raspbian   epaper   android  

One of the most common comments I get when I show someone the Mr. Gibbs project is inevitably "where is the display?" Some disagree with me on the utility of just having the data & control on a w…

3 years ago

2017 & Pi Zero W updates

brookpatten bluez   bluetooth   raspbian   raspberry-pi-zero   raspberry-pi   mono  

There have been a number of blog comments from people attempting to use Gibbs but having issues with newer versions of mono or blueZ, hopefully my latest update to the installation procedure will help…

3 years ago

And then.... silence

brookpatten sailing  

Inland20 National Championship-2016 from Stew and Karen on Vimeo. If you were following the project you'd be forgiven for thinking that it had a died a few months ago. Rest assured, that is f…

4 years ago

At Long last, a totally successful test sail.

brookpatten pebble   blend-micro   raspberry-pi   bluetooth  

Finally after 2 months of fiddling I was able to have a successful sail where everything worked. The Wind vane, Gibbs, and the Pebble, all working in harmony. It's been a rough few weeks as I change…

4 years ago

Gibbs 2.0 - On the water again

brookpatten blend-micro   sailing   bluetooth   enclosure  

Mr Gibbs 2.0 had his 2nd shot at the water again last weekend, with a little more success this time. The crows nest: In Situ First, the good news. All the functionality we had in 1.0/2015 is w…

4 years ago

DIY Sailing Computer Roundup 2016

brookpatten sailing  

Whenever I try to explain my hobby project, Mr. Gibbs, to someone I generally get the same response: "wow, that's neat........ but very niche". Of course, they're right, but it wouldn't be a very fun…

4 years ago

Mr. Gibbs 2.0 first sail, miserable failure...and regatta recap

brookpatten sailing   gps   ble   blend-micro   pebble  

Well it's a good thing I wasn't relying upon Mr. Gibbs to navigate the ocean! The system had some issues, to say the least. The bad news is I didn't get to gather any usable data over the weekend, a…

4 years ago

Mr. Gibbs 2.0 Hitting the Water

brookpatten ble   2.0  

Well I finally hit my 2.0 milestone, It's a good thing I started my updates in January! After our national regatta in September I took a break for a while. It seemed pointless to do any work on it k…

4 years ago

BlueZ 5.39 BLE setup on the Raspberry Pi

brookpatten bluez   raspbian   raspberry-pi   bluetooth   ble  

One of the things that I have done to really accelerate development of Mr. Gibbs is to do much of my work on an old laptop running ubuntu linux. Since ubuntu and raspbian are both debian based, most…

4 years ago

BLE Wind Vane Assembly

brookpatten ble   blend-micro   anemometer   raspberry-pi   raspberry-pi-zero  

With the main Mr. Gibbs assembly mostly worked out and waterproof, I set my sights on the wind vane this evening. The mount for the wind vane is intended to clamp on the top of my mast. It is ma…

4 years ago

Final Prototype Assembly

brookpatten bluez   bluetooth   gatt   accelerometer   compass   raspbian   raspberry-pi  

With the first regatta of 2016 only 2 weeks away, I'm finally getting the latest revision of Mr. Gibbs to the point where it's ready to actually throw on the boat and sail. The major development of l…

4 years ago

Building on Travis CI with Nightly Mono Builds

brookpatten mono   github   travisci   mono.posix   dbus-sharp  

When first getting started with Mr. Gibbs it was just a simple spike to see if I could use bluetooth to connect to the pebble. I never even created a test project until very recently, certainly never…

4 years ago

That's not a type, that's a named instance.

brookpatten c#   dependency-injection   ninject  

I was recently shown some code where the developer had an abstract class where all of the functionality existed in the base class and was controlled strictly by the constructor arguments, something li…

4 years ago

Using I2C on the Raspberry Pi with C#

brookpatten c#   i2c   mono   linux   raspberry-pi  

There are three breakouts that make up the sensors for Mr. Gibbs, the GPS, the Accelerator/Gyro, and the Compass. While the GPS connects using UART (serial port), the other two connect using i2c to t…

4 years ago

First Round of PCBs

brookpatten pcb   fritzing   fab  

The first prototype breakout with the Pi Zero has been reasonably successful, but really put my soldering skills and patience to the test. After resolving issues with shorts and durability, I finally…

4 years ago

Pi Zero Hardware Refresh, Wind Vane, and New Plugins.

brookpatten raspberry-pi   raspberry-pi-zero   i2c   uart   accelerometer  

The biggest change for the 2016 prototype is the change from the Raspberry Pi 2, to the Pi Zero. This change does a number of beneficial things such as lowering overall cost, increasing battery life,…

4 years ago

Bluetooth Low Energy with C#, BlueZ 5 and Mono

brookpatten mono   ble   bluetooth   blend-micro   dbus   bluez   gatt  

The major change from Mr. Gibbs 2015 to 2016 is the rewrite of all the bluetooth calls to support BlueZ 5. It sure seems like a lot of work just to be on the latest version number, and indeed, there…

4 years ago

Waterproof enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Zero

brookpatten raspberry-pi-zero   gps   accelerometer   enclosure   ssd1306  

After much shopping and deliberation on form factor and case, I came to the conclusion that nothing I have is going to work. My criteria are it has to be extremely waterproof, durable, small, readi…

4 years ago

2016 Hardware Updates

brookpatten raspberry-pi   raspberry-pi-zero   gps   accelerometer   i2c   uart  

Left: 2016 version mockup (so much room for activities!), Right: 2015 version. I finally gathered up some of the more elusive parts, so it's time to start assembling the 2016 version of the Mr. Gibbs…

4 years ago

Raspberry Pi Zero (somebody is making a killing on adapters).

brookpatten raspberry-pi   raspberry-pi-zero  

I was perusing my local MicroCenter website today for something unrelated, and as has become habit, ran a quick query for Pi Zeros before closing the tab. Sure enough... time for a lunch break! I…

4 years ago

Two steps forward, three steps back

brookpatten pebble   pebblesharp   bluetooth   cloudpebble   mono  

Things were moving along slowly, but smoothly for the 2016 revision of Mr. Gibbs. My newly updated bluetooth stack based on BlueZ 5 was working great with both the pebble and with BLE/Gatt and the Bl…

4 years ago

Mr. Gibbs Bench Demo

brookpatten gps   raspberry-pi   pebble  

I've had some questions since I put this site/blog up about how much of this project is working vs how much of it is just me "blue skying" ideas for things that I would like it to do. I'm hoping that…

4 years ago

VisualSail - Now Free & Open Source

brookpatten gps   visualsail   sailing   replay  

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mr. Gibbs isn't my first sailing related pet project. My first was a desktop application which recreated 3d replays of sailboat races based on GPS data. It was ca…

4 years ago

Connecting to a Bluetooth Serial Port Profile with BlueZ and Mono

brookpatten dbus   bluez   bluetooth   linux   c#   rfcomm   profile  

Once you have paired your bluetooth device with BlueZ, the next step depends on what type of device it is. One of the most common bluetooth profiles is the Serial port profile. I could write quite a…

4 years ago

2015 Sailing Season, Prototype Thoughts, and a Bunch of (Bad) Math

brookpatten sailing   pebble   raspberry-pi   visualsail  

In the above video it you look in the center of the cockpit strapped to the keel you'll see the star of this blog. You'll also note me looking at my watch a lot, that's not a nervous twitch I'd like…

4 years ago

Bluetooth Pairing with .Net/C# BlueZ and dbus

brookpatten bluetooth   bluez   mono   c#   .net   pebble   linux  

At this point in the project I had a working dbus implementation to use, and it was time to begin actually implement some bluetooth functionality. The first thing I did was to attempt to convert the…

4 years ago

Get on dbus (with .Net)

brookpatten c#   mono   dbus   bluez   bluetooth   linux  

If you read my post about getting .Net working with BlueZ 4, you, like me, were probably left feeling a little... dirty. Interop is never fun in .Net, even less so when it involves patching and build…

4 years ago

PebbleSharp, Linux, and BlueZ 4

brookpatten pebble   raspbian   bluez   bluetooth   c#   linux   mono   pebblesharp  

After my initial pilot of a Javascript/phone application written for the pebble to see how the idea worked, I decided to build a solution which would allow me to keep my (relatively) expensive phone o…

4 years ago

It started with a woot

brookpatten arduino   sailing   pebble   visualsail   cloudpebble  

As many of these hobby projects gone awry do, it started with a sale on a shiny new gadget on I had been eyeballing the pebble smartwatch since they launched several years ago with a very s…